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Believing in the power of positive media, Savannah loves working in children’s media. This big

kid at heart is proof that big dreams do come in small packages. There is something special

when we embrace what makes us unique and “amazing.” Her shortened vocal cords and

deviated septum aren’t the only things that make her unique; she can also balance eight

books on her head (striving for 10).


The world really is a small place, and animation brings life and connects in so many

ways. Currently, Savannah is pursuing her master’s in international relations and

diplomacy because she believes in the power that animation has to connect all our

stories and make the world a better place. Recently, she graduated with the highest

honor at the University of Louisville with her bachelor’s in communications with minors

in film and art history, where she was also named “Undergraduate Student of the Year” by

the communications department. 


Growing up in a small town in Southern Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky, she learned the

value of community. A tenured 4-H member and a lifelong Girl Scout, Savannah understands

the importance of community, and community is at the heart of who you are. She is grateful

for the life lessons and support of her community. During the Indiana State Bicentennial,

her community asked her to represent her as a torchbearer for dedication and volunteer

work – a memory she will always treasure and never forget. Louisville Magazine

also honored Savannah by naming her one of the area’s “kindest people” – a title she

takes to heart and hopes can live up to. Her daily goal is just making a difference in

one person’s life or making them smile.


Savannah cherished her many years with the Louisville Ballet School

and the University of Louisville Dance Academy and was a part of LBS’s

Youth Assemble. As a youth, she also served on local youth boards for

Norton Children’s Hospital and the Louisville Zoo, where she also

volunteered. The Louisville Zoo honored her with the Heaton

Award, an awardgiven to an outstanding youth volunteer for

their dedication and service to the zoo. It is named after

Micheal Heaton, an exceptional youth of over 3,000

volunteer hours who died from congenital heart failure. 


As a youth, Savannah planned The Champ's Ball, a benefit

for the Alliance for Lupus Research held at the Muhammid

Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Newton's mom, Jamie,

is a long-time lupus survivor. 


She also loves horsing around…literally --- English

horseback riding brings her lots of joy anytime she can be

around horses. She also loves figure skating … just not

skating on thin ice! Touché! Savannah always loves to try

new things, like fencing for a semester (by the way, she

bruises like a cantaloupe).


She also loves to talk… really.. we can’t get her to stop.. guess

it’s a good thing it is her living.. So drop her a line, ask her a

question, or just send her a note. 

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